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Yoga for Addiction Treatment in Florida

One of the reasons  Into Action is considered among the best Florida drug rehab facilities is that it provides recovering alcoholics and addicts with the widest range of treatment methods available to assist in their return to optimum health and wellness. As part of the Into Action drug treatment program, qualified instructors lead weekly sessions that teach clients how to use the practice of yoga, meditation, and breathing  to advance their recovery efforts. Yoga for addiction is an effective way to help clients relax, relieve stress, and refocus their minds during recovery.

Yoga for Addiction Treatment

Yoga is an ancient exercise practice that uses the body and breath in a series of postures and poses designed to offer the individual a number of significant benefits. Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps an individual develop better concentration and focus. It also helps to stimulate the emotion of compassion, which is critical when an individual is doing treatment work at our rehab center. Learning a series of breathing exercises done in conjunction with each yoga pose helps to slow down the mind and instill feelings of peace and calm. Yoga for addiction treatment helps clients respond in a more focused and centered way when confronted with the issues and challenges that tend to trigger addictive behavior.

Yoga and Addiction

Into Action yoga and addiction clients report a number of significant positive changes in their lives after participating in weekly yoga, meditation, and breath sessions. They find that they recognize more periods throughout their day when they feel more relaxed, calm, and happy. They also find that they tend to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep. Previous problems and issues that might have prompted them to reach for an addictive crutch in order to handle their feelings now don’t seem so important or challenging. Using yoga, recovering addicts and alcoholics learn how to flow much more easily in the process of living rather than swimming upstream against the flow. Clients like the fact that it is easy to learn how to practice yoga and that they can learn at their own pace, requesting additional assistance from our qualified counselors as needed. 

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