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Which of the 12 Steps is the Most Difficult?

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The 12 Steps to Recovery is a well-known way for anyone who has an addiction to get help and regain control of their lives.  Each step builds on the previous steps and cannot be attempted until the first ones have been accomplished.  It is not an easy process, but one that has been proven to be very successful in treating all types of addiction.  While each step can be hard, there seems to be one that is more difficult for many people.

Step #3 states that we have made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God.  For many people, this is incredibly difficult.  Even without an addiction, it is hard to believe in a deity that cannot be seen or heard.  The Bible is full of references to believing in God’s plan for us and few people can imagine that God’s plan included an addiction that had to be beat.

Even deeply religious people can have difficulty turning their lives over to God.  Being in control of everything in our lives gives us a sense of strength, but in reality, we have little control over much that happens to us.  Learning to let it all go and let God take care of us is nearly impossible for people who have never heard of Him.

Anyone who is working the 12 Steps knows that before they can learn to turn over their lives to God, they must believe in Him.  Step 2 is to believe in a greater Power so when they get to Step 3, they have already admitted they believe in Him.  But it is still difficult to let go of the control of their lives and believe that God will take care of everything.

By nature, people want to plan their lives and know what is coming next.  To admit that we don’t know what is best for us takes a leap of faith.  To believe that God has a plan for every one of us and truly loves us is not easy to believe when life is kicking our shins.  Control is the one thing that keeps the insanity of life at bay and releasing that to God seems unnatural to many.

Often, people with addictions feel that control is the only thing that will help them get passed their addictions.  To find out that releasing control and hoping for the best is one of the steps to their recovery is hard to accept.  They fight against believing God knows what is best for them.  What they need to remember is that most people addicted or not, has a problem with this.  Knowing this can help them work on Step 3 and accept that letting go will actually help them gain control over their addiction.

Step 3 will be hard.  There is no other way to say it, but all of the Steps are difficult.  Accept that you need to give your will to God and let Him help you recover from you addiction.  Working the Steps is the best way to regain your life and move on to happier tomorrows.

*Of course this is just the opinion of our writer. Some people that go through the steps find them all to be easy to swallow, others may find that certain steps are more difficult that others. We hope that you found this article interesting!

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