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Video Recap: Chiropractic Services

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Hi, my name is Dr. Andrew Hope and I’m the Chiropractor here at Into Action.

The reason why Into Action offers Chiropractic services for their clients is twofold. Number one, it helps to reduce pain. See what happens, a bone gets misaligned in the spine and it can put pressure on the structures of the spine like the disk and the muscles and nerves and it can cause pain. So chiropractors find this misaligned bones and realign them again, take the pressure off of those structures and try and help provide some kind of relief. And the second reason is there’s a lot of research that supports that specific types of adjustments to the upper neck and upper back, helps to stimulate the nervous system to produce more neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, endorphin and a bunch of other ones. So our goal here is to not just help you with your pain, but also to help you balance the chemicals in your brain.

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