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Trauma Resolution Therapy in Florida

If current traumas are not addressed, the addictive pattern is likely to repeat itself. Recovery seeks to examine the traumatic causes of addiction and to root out the driving force of addictive behavior. Trauma resolution therapy is one way individuals can promote healing of wounds caused by painful experiences. Put simply, people seek to avoid the pain of trauma through addictive behavior. If that pain can be revisited through different therapies in a drug rehab program, there is a likelihood that the pain can be diminished and healthy behavior can begin. Into Action Treatment offers several different therapies that allow clients to explore their pain and trauma in a safe and supportive environment.

Trauma Resolution Therapy

Group trauma resolution therapy allows clients to meet with others like themselves who going through the same process. It gives individuals a platform to work through their fears, traumas and other unhealthy behaviors with others. This enables clients to gain a greater understanding of themselves, how they interact with others, and how to form more positive relationships that can help make their time at Into Action Treatment a more fulfilling experience. REBT, or Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, empowers clients with positive tools to challenge the negative thinking in their lives that may be causing them to turn to addictive behaviors. Individuals can work with a therapist to explore how traumatic events color their thinking and possibly contribute to the addiction. Once clients identify the sources and the negative thoughts, they can gain the skills to counter them with affirmations that reflect the reality of who they are and what the world actually represents. Psychodrama is another way to look at trauma. In psychodrama, clients re-imagine and share painful events with a group in a safe environment. This often leads to a sense that their emotional burden has been lifted, and the trauma has been transformed into a tool rather than a painful event.

Trauma and Addiction

Trauma and addiction often occur together, but with the right kind of help, an individual can learn healthy ways to manage painful experiences. Once clients begin working with their traumas through therapy, healthy behaviors become easier, more satisfying and rewarding. With time, individuals can begin to replace unwanted results and behaviors with new thoughts and actions that will lead them to becoming who they want to be. It can be possible at Into Action Treatment, and we help clients take the steps to get there. In addition to Trauma Resolution Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:

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