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I was doing all that I thought I needed to do to succeed in life but I just had one big secret that no one knew about. I was in school full time studying business at a community college so I could have a career with a decent salary. I was bussing tables full time working hard seeking a promotion to a server position.

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Eric R. (Alumni)


I was 27 years old walking into my 3rd treatment center in June of 2012. I was hopeless, miserable, and defeated. I didn’t even think treatment would work for me being I have tried it before. I gave the staff an incredibly hard time for the first two weeks …

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Joe C. (Alumni)

I was a 43 year old broken man when Into Action gave me the gift of sobriety. I actually had a third heart attack walking in the door of into action treatment facility. The owner and Ceo visited me everyday I was in the hospital, and he also went out on a limb for me, as being a medical risk. This place gave me the tools and the opportunity to get my life back and showed me how to focus on me an stop blaming everything and everyone for my problems. The staff is second to no one when it comes to client care..I was loved by them until I could learn to love myself again. Andrey and his awesome team, who mostly consist of alumni, truly care about each individual who walks threw those doors. I thank God that he put me on the path to Into Action, because of them I have my life back …

Rich M. (Alumni)

This time a year ago, it was easy to imagine myself dead. It wasn’t a matter of if but when. I had basically pushed everyone close to me as far away from me as possible. And really, that’s how I liked it. If I wasn’t close to you I couldn’t pull you down with me. Whether or not I actually believed that …

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Garson C. (Alumni) – 

“Into Action Treatment was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. During my stay at this awesome facility, I learned  truths about myself and the characteristics and behaviors that I would drink or use over. By becoming aware of myself, I was able to learn that I do not need drugs and alcohol to be okay with myself. I developed a relationship with a God of my understanding, and because of that, I am content and proud of who I am, which in the past was a foreign thought. The obsession of using/drinking has been removed. Not only did Into Action provide what I needed to accomplish this, but I went from being a boy to a young man. I became fully self- supportive and learned how to live like a productive member of society. The staff is great and incredibly caring, I will always come back to help out where I can and always recommend anyone I know to this facility and no where else.”

Thomas T. (Alumni)

“Life has taken on new meaning, as it says in the Big Book. I have faith that means everything’s all right, and possibilities are endless. Big Book Step Study truly gave me a knowledge of the 12 Steps and how to work them. The only way I stay happy and sane and keep prosperity is through the 12 Steps.I truly believe now that we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but we are spiritual beings having human experiences.The sky is now the limit, and its only because I did not give up on the Steps or God until the miracle happened and I had my own understanding of a Higher Power in my life.”

Trevor B. (Alumni)

“Into Action was my fourth treatment center. I had resigned myself to the fact I was an alcoholic and addict of the hopeless variety, and this would be my life until I died. When I reached Into Action I was put to work right away. They gave me directions and told me if I followed them, I would gain sobriety and a sense of peace I had never known. They were right. I  have been sober since I walked into the treatment center in May 2012. To explain what they did for me would be impossible. There is too much to tell. I became part of the family here. They cared about me as someone would for their own child. Since graduating, I have relocated to the area and go back to see my ‘other’ family all the time. My hope is that new people see me and  see the proof that Into Action works. I will be grateful  to all the staff there for the rest of my life.”

Kelly J. (Alumni)

“I was an addict of the hopeless variety. I had sold my house, my property, and a car. I watched my wife and daughter walk out. Then in desperation I found Into Action. With the help of the therapists and Andrey, I was finally able to  get clean and experience a psychic change. I now have a wonderful life, and I have my family back. I owe my life to Into Action!!”

Lawson D. (Alumni)

“Into Action’s personalized one-on-one treatment philosophy sets it apart from other substance abuse treatment centers.”

Mark Hernandez M.D.

“While I have known Andrey Rossin and his treatment center, Into Action Treatment, for only a short time, the impact he has had in my life has been tremendous, and my gratitude will last a lifetime. My son, D.M., is a victim of the disease of addiction. The consequences have been significant, and as is often the case, have been far-reaching, affecting not only his life but all those around him , including myself. No matter the circumstances, no matter the pain, he always will be my son and I will love him. My only wish is that others see him as I do, a child worthy of saving, a child worthy of loving, a child deserving recovery. Andrey has been that person for me. From the first phone call, Andrey’s compassion and respect have been amazing. He offered to interevene personally and drove to Naples, Florida,  where appeared in court for my son and received him from jail so that he might have the opportunity to engage in treatment for his dual diagnosis. My son ultimately refused treatment, but Andrey did not give up. He continues to be available to provide a kind voice of support , encouragement, and respect to me and my son as we fight this disease together.

Barbara Theodosiou (Addicts Mom)

“I did not know what to expect at Family Weekend other than seeing my grandson. I think that I opened up my heart and soul in front of my family and the group. I think this group is the right thing for my grandson. They are truly helping him. I finally think that with their help I have my grandson back.”

Joseph A. C. (Grandfather)

“I had no idea what I was expecting, but I got more than I expected. I think I addressed everything I wanted to bring up. [Without this Family Weekend] I never would have said anything, and it was wonderful to let go.”

Lourdes “Cookie” C. (Grandmother)

[During Family Weekend] “I learned about addiction and my son’s action plan. I viewed the progress of my son at the center. It was an eye-opening experience for me; I’d never been in a treatment center before.”

Joseph C. (Father)

“Thank you for hosting such a wonderful weekend and taking such good care of Dennis. The programming was really beneficial to all of us. We will be submitting the review in the next day or so, but I would be happy to serve as a family reference for anyone who has questions about sending a loved one to your facility.”

Colleen L. (Sister)

“I really didn’t come with expectations, except for resolving issues and moving forward on our relationship. Considering this was my first Family Weekend, I felt everything was perfect, and all the issues were addressed. Family Weekend was an emotional, enlightening and healing time. I learned so much about my son and myself, and together we started to heal. I met new wonderful friends and gained new “sons.” It was definitely worth coming down for. I loved it, and everyone there. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Diane B. (Mother)