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A Testimonial From Aimee


Here is my testimonial. I could have gone on and on because I have so much gratitude and love for Into Action but I tried to keep it brief. Besides I do not believe there are enough words to express what you and the staff at Into Action has done for me and my family. Hope this helps!

Love, Aimee

Three years ago I experienced a devastating relapse. I had lost my job, my nursing license and had my children removed from my custody. I was very physically ill and sleeping in my car. I reached out for help and ended up at Into Action Treatment which was a brand new facility at the time. I was their 10th client. Although I was grateful to be somewhere safe, I had no hope they could help me since I’d already been through a dozen or more treatment facilities in the past in addition to AA, therapy and psychiatric help. Nothing had seemed to work for me up until this point and I felt helpless and hopeless.

Into Action Treatment introduced me to the Big Book Step Study method of AA which I was unfamiliar with but curious. It proved to be the solution that would forever change my life. They also provided me with physical, emotional and spiritual support. Now three years later, I have reunited with my children, I have had my nursing license restored and I am gainfully employed in my field. I have mended damaged relationships with my family and was able to be a caregiver and support to my alcoholic father who recently passed away from this illness. I would never have been able to walk through something like that sober in the past.

I believe I can get through anything today without a drink or a drug and I credit Into Action Treatment for providing me with the foundation that has proven to be a real and lasting solution. They will always have a special place in my heart and I highly recommend their services to anyone who is struggling!

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