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Substance Abuse Group Therapy in Florida

Substance abuse group therapy is one of the pillars of treatment at Into Action Treatment. Group sessions are designed to coax patients into discussing their emotions with others. When a sense of camaraderie is developed, individuals will begin to feel like they are part of the community; patients will have an easier time kicking their addictions when their peers encourage them. Into Action Treatment requires around five hours of group therapy each day for patients who are accepted into the program.

How Group Therapy Works

Group therapy can refer to any therapeutic session in which multiple individuals are allowed to explore various issues in a dynamic fashion. At Into Action Treatment group sessions are led by certified experts. Therapists ask probing questions that are designed to elicit responses from the patients. The goal of these sessions is to strengthen interpersonal relationships while also highlighting universal human concerns. The universality of the experience often induces significant breakthroughs that would not have been possible in individual sessions.

Benefits of Substance Abuse Group Therapy

Group therapy is widely respected within the field of psychology because it pays such enormous dividends for patients who engage in it. In addition to giving addicts a sense of hope, group therapy also stresses altruism, socializing techniques, cohesiveness, and catharsis. Because the group is a safe environment patients can talk about their fears and anxieties without retribution. Patients also learn how to take responsibility for their actions. Group sessions promote feelings of acceptance and validation that will remain with them long after the therapy has come to an end. Into Action Treatment places an emphasis on progress-based treatment and substance abuse group therapy is vital to the success of the patients at the facility.

Patient Responsibility

Into Action Treatment promotes patient responsibility throughout the entire process. Within our intimate 22-bed facility individuals are given every possible chance to achieve their goals. It is mandatory that patients follow the instructions of the therapists so that they can progress toward better health. While sobriety is never easy to attain, it is well within the reach of patients who remain true to the treatment principles taught to them at the facility.

The Importance of Relationships in Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Group therapy for substance abuse is based on the idea that relationships are extremely important. When patients are given support and encouragement, they will have a much easier time working through their problems. With honesty and integrity, patients at Into Action Treatment can go on to live addiction-free lives.

Into Action Treatment is a drug and alcohol rehab center located in South Florida. We use evidence-based therapies to treat addiction, and we promote holistic healing through our varied treatment modalities. Our counselors are skilled at a number of addiction therapy types and use these in combination with one another to allow for complete healing.

In addition to Substance Abuse Group Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:

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