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Residential Treatment Program in Florida

Into Action provides clients with different treatment plans, based on their individual needs and goals. Our residential treatment program is the most structured of our programs, giving clients the support they need in early recovery.

Into Action uses a client-focused approach for recovery. We follow the 12-step recovery philosophy, and we promote holistic healing. When most clients enter rehab, they need the structure and support of a residential treatment program. Partial hospitalization is the next step, followed by intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment. Each phase of recovery gives clients  more freedom and responsibility, as they work to rebuild their lives. Our clients each work on a relapse prevention plan that they start putting into practice as soon as they are able. An addiction aftercare program further guards against relapse.

Residential Treatment Program

The residential treatment program is the first step in recovery. Clients at Into Action are welcomed into our home-like facility, which serves only a handful of clients. Our facility is comfortable and clean, and clients can enjoy the beautiful Florida climate.

Individuals in our residential treatment program are supervised around the clock by our caring staff during what are usually the most challenging days of recovery. Our therapists and staff treat each client with the respect they deserve and are here to offer support, encouragement, and motivation throughout recovery. Clients in residential treatment participate in daily group and individual counseling sessions, are provided with nutritious food, and are able to exercise and enjoy the scenery surrounding our beautiful treatment center.

The first few weeks of recovery are spent learning about addiction and discovering its causes. Our therapists use a variety of treatment methods to help clients become comfortable talking about their addiction and to address any areas of their lives that are out of balance. We use yoga, mindfulness, art therapy, psychodrama therapy, and a focus on spirituality to help clients get to the heart of their addiction so that they can fully recover.

Residential Treatment Center

Into Action is a residential treatment center that uses evidence-based treatment methods for recovery. We offer treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, as well as a smoking cessation program. All of our drug treatment programs are designed with the client’s individual needs in mind; therefore, the length of stay in our program will vary. Into Action also provides support for families through our family program and our drug intervention program.

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