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Relapse Prevention Plan in Florida

We understand the difficulty of overcoming addiction; it’s a tough road with many bumps along the way. Sometimes individuals will stumble and fall; they may even find themselves regressing to old habits. The relapse prevention plan by Into Action Treatment can help clients overcome the difficulties that lie ahead as they learn to turn to their Higher Power and stay on the road to recovery.

Recovery is a constant battle, one in which individuals can never drop their guard. If people are open-minded and honest, God will guide their path. Through our 12-step recovery program, we encourage clients to put their trust in their Higher Power. We help individuals learn not to be afraid, no matter how difficult or tedious the work of recovery may be. When people do not rely solely on their own understandings, when they have total faith in God, and when they reach out to others, they truly find their way out of the darkness.

The Relapse Prevention Plan Makes Sure
“We Do Recover!”

The Into Action Treatment relapse prevention plan stands apart from any other Florida drug rehab. It is focused on helping clients in every way, treating each one as a whole person guided by a Higher Power. Clients will focus on solutions, rather than the problem of addiction itself. In order to find a lasting solution, the Relapse Awareness Program provides clients with a strong support system when they venture out into the real world. Individuals will have a primary therapist and sponsor who act as partners, people those in recovery can turn to when they feel themselves beginning to slip. Clients need to be vigilant, keeping a close watch on their lives, continuing to strive for recovery, and must be absolutely honest with those who are trying to help. Most importantly, the clients must be honest with themselves, learn to recognize their triggers, and do their best to avoid regression. However, if clients do experience a relapse, they can rely on members of the Into Action Treatment Program to help them turn in the right direction once more.

Most of all, we encourage clients to count on God. Through God, an individual has the power to achieve a full recovery. The compassionate staff at Into Action Treatment supports clients every step of the way.

Relapse Prevention Therapy

We at Into Action provide relapse prevention therapy as a  part of our regular drug treatment programs. We help clients safely transition from one phase of recovery to the next in order to help them avoid relapse. Our programs include:

Outpatient drug treatment | Drug intervention program | Intensive outpatient program | Residential treatment program | Smoking cessation program
Partial hospitalization program | Addiction aftercare

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