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Into Action Psychodrama Therapy

What is Psychodrama Therapy? 

Many people entering addiction and alcohol recovery often feel like parts of their lives have been a “psychodrama.” They have experienced intense events and trauma that have left emotional scars. During times of stress, they may unconsciously relive these experiences.

Entering the Safety Zone with Psychodrama 

Psychodrama therapy at Into Action Treatment gives clients the opportunity to re-enact traumatic experiences in the presence of therapist Natasha Nelina and a supportive group. Reimagining the painful events in one’s life with the new twist of being able to control the process can be emotionally liberating. It also can be heart wrenching as someone begins to let go of painful emotions.

Psychodrama at Into Action Treatment is always done in such a way to ensure that the person feels supported during each step of the process, but it also encourages spontaneity and freedom of expression. Psychodrama is an opportunity to let go of old attachments to events that have caused pain. It also gives clients a new perspective on old pains so that they can see them with new eyes.

Why “Relive” the Pain with Psychodrama Therapy? 

One of the amazing aspects of psychodrama is that it encourages clients to live their truth. This can be a liberating experience for many people, especially people in drug addiction and alcoholism recovery. Clients sometimes feel that their pain is locked up inside. Psychodrama therapy at our drug rehab center can help release some of that pain through this guided healing experience.

Once the client has re-imagined trauma through psychodrama, it often no longer carries the ability to shame, scare or scar as badly. This occurs because people have shared their stories with one another in a way that encourages healing for everyone. Clients may feel they are no longer living alone with their pain. This can often ease the burden of the traumas they have experienced.

While healing through psychodrama is not always easy, Natasha Nelina helps clients find the courage and energy to begin the healing journey with others at Into Action Treatment. Once clients begins their journey, they often find themselves looking forward to more opportunities to explore their past through psychodrama and our other programs.

Into Action is a treatment center that offers clients treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in a safe, controlled facility. Our therapists and counselors provide the very best treatment through our state-of-the-art programs. We help clients develop the tools they need to live a clean and sober life, free from damaging substances and habits that so easily  can take over.

If you or a loved one is in need of help for an addiction, please contact us today.

In addition to Psychodrama Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:


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