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Into Action Psycho-Educational Therapy

Psycho-educational therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. This particular therapeutic technique is based on the idea that patients who are educated about addiction will have an easier time overcoming it. For example, addicts may only be aware of the disease’s symptoms. When they have more information about how addiction progresses and how it can be treated, they will be in a position to find a way to move forward. Education and critical analysis are often excellent ways to help people struggling with addiction back on the path to success.

Teaching Patients about Addiction 

In nearly all instances, psycho-education therapy is designed to provide patients with the information they need to spur their recoveries. In fact, Into Action Treatment believes that patients are responsible for  their own sobriety. When men and women understand the vast array of biological and neurological factors that lead to addiction, they will be capable of developing a sense of optimism. Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, which is a key part of psycho-educational therapy, is meant to provide patients with a solid spiritual foundation. Acupuncture, hypnotherapy and massage therapy are just three of the methods that can help addicts steadily overcome the disease.

Developing Skills Through Psycho-Education Therapy 

The therapists at Into Action Treatment are dedicated to helping patients develop coping skills. Addiction can lead to irritability, lethargy, anger, and even tendencies toward violence. Men and women will learn how to vent their inner emotions without causing turmoil in the world around them. Courses that are devoted specifically to anger management can be quite beneficial for some individuals. The staff at Into Action is passionate about progress-based treatment methods that will motivate patients to move toward sobriety.

Learning from other patients in group therapy is an immensely important part of the process. When patients are gathered together in the same room and are allowed to discuss their most potent fears and anxieties, they quickly understand that others are going through similar problems. Group therapy is meant to provide encouragement and support to patients who have suffered for years without it. With several hours of therapy each week, individuals will be able to develop a high level of trust with others at the facility.

Peace and Serenity 

When patients are aware that success is indeed possible, they can move toward the light. Steady progress will undoubtedly  lead to peace and serenity, which will induce further success. With proper therapeutic techniques, sobriety can be attained happily.

Into Action uses psycho-educational therapy in combination with a variety of other treatment methods to allow for the best chance at success. To learn more about our program, please call us today.

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