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Progress-Based Therapy at Into Action

When clients are battling addiction, they surely will require all the support possible. One of the unique features of Into Action Treatment is that individuals may remain at the facility based on their therapeutic progress. When men and women demonstrate a willingness to complete the assignments given to them by their primary therapists, they are much more successful going forward. While there is no minimum stay at the facility, the average stay is around 95 days. With personalized treatment plans and teams of dedicated professionals, clients are provided with the tools they need to enhance their recovery.

Giving Power to the Patient

Into Action Treatment is dedicated to putting the keys to success in the hands of the client. Their length of stay ultimately depends on their willingness to seek and then make change. While superbly trained professionals will provide clients with the tools they need to become sober, individuals must ultimately become champions of their own personal growth.

Dynamically Trained Consultants

The consultants at our facility are trained in a variety of different fields. While at Into Action Treatment, clients are engaged in psychodrama, acupuncture, art therapy, Reiki, and a broad array of other activities that are designed to cleanse both the mind and the body. We are the only treatment center to utilize both harmonial therapy and vibroacoustic therapy for holistic recovery, and our therapists are experienced in all types of therapies we offer. Within a dynamic therapeutic environment, clients can safely identify core issues that may subtly sabotage attempts at recovery. Inherent in this process is developing the ability to trust others.

Family Support and Progress-Based Treatment

Because Into Action allows loved ones to play an integral role in the recovery process, families are invited into the world of recovery and are encouraged to engage in much needed self-care. We invite families to our facility on a regular basis to take part in activities and events with their loved ones. We help families learn about the disease of addiction, and incorporate healthy practices into their own lives that will benefit the client when they return home. We also provide family counseling to those who have suffered from broken and damaged relationships due to addiction.

Alumni Group 

Into Action encourages clients to stay connected to our recovery community through daily alumni group gatherings and our weekly Sunday BBQ. We believe aftercare and long-term support is crucial in recovery to help people achieve sustained recovery. We offer licensed housing for alumni who are in need of long-term support, and we ensure clients who need aftercare counseling are able to continue seeing their therapist.

Offering a continuum of care is important to us at Into Action. Recovery takes time, and many individuals need the extra support and encouragement that our progress-based treatment center can provide.

Into Action is a drug treatment center that offers:

Dual diagnosis treatment | Medical detox center | Family support groups for drug addiction | Acupuncture for addiction | Yoga for addiction | Meditation and addiction | Nutrition and addiction recovery | Spirituality and addiction recovery | Anger and addiction | Drug addiction and relationships | Fun things to do sober | Client focused care | Life skills training | Chiropractic services | Exercise training

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