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Partial Hospitalization Program in Florida

When considering treatment for substance abuse, one should  learn all the facts about rehab and recovery before making decisions. Into Action offers different programs based on each individual’s needs, including residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and a partial hospitalization program.

First of all, knowing the signs of drug or alcohol abuse will help people determine what actions they need to take to remedy the problem. Some symptoms of substance addiction include, but are not limited to:

  • Rapidly growing tolerance to substances
  • Trouble at home or work due to substance use
  • People expressing concern to the user 

Knowing the Signs – and Acting

When substance abusers or their family members  come to the realization that these symptoms apply, seeking treatment for addiction can significantly help. It is important to understand that people have  to want to change from a behavior pattern in which they abuse substances; often family members and friends take on feelings of responsibility for the person afflicted by drug or alcohol abuse and can feel disappointment if the person does not want to change. Alcohol or drug abuse is no one’s fault, and negative emotions like guilt often serve to make treatment more difficult for families, friends and persons suffering from addiction and substance abuse.


Rejection of a painful or uncomfortable reality is a psychological defense mechanism common to many addicts. There are two types of denial: The first is when people don’t believe they have a problem and reject the notion when they are confronted about it; the second is when people are partially or completely oblivious to a problem they have.

When it comes to addiction,  family and friends need to remember that they are also vulnerable to falling into denial just as much as the person battling addiction. Close friends and family members who are rejecting the existence or seriousness of their loved one’s condition can be a hindrance to the recovery process. As confronting denial is the first crucial step toward making a breakthrough, it is paramount that everyone involved move past this challenging stage.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Into Action Treatment’s partial hospitalization program uses individual and group therapy during the day and 12-step recovery programs in the evening. We offer help at a time when individuals and their loved ones need it most. The transition to sobriety, while extremely healthy, also carries with it a set of challenges that can be difficult to overcome. Having others to help conquer those challenges is central to Into Action Treatment and can pave the way toward recovery.

Finding the Root of Behaviors

Dealing with the complicated behaviors that arise as a result of addiction is the mission of partial hospitalization treatment. For example, learning the essential skills to relieve negative emotions is primary to alleviating the self-sabotage and other defeating behaviors that hinder successful recovery. At the same time, examining and understanding the core issues involved in fueling addiction are necessary for enduring change.

Into Action’s drug treatment programs use a holistic approach to recovery. We offer:

Outpatient drug treatment | Drug intervention program | Relapse prevention plan | 12 step recovery | Intensive outpatient program | Residential treatment program | Addiction aftercare | Smoking cessation program

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