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Outpatient Drug Treatment in Florida

Once clients have graduated from a rehabilitation program, it is suggested that they continue with outpatient care. While involving fewer hours of direct therapy, outpatient services are no less intense. During outpatient drug treatment, clients adjust to using their newly obtained skills in the constantly changing environment around them, allowing them the opportunity to process their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with continued professional support. Individual therapy, group therapy, and psycho-educational groups are instrumental as clients continue their trek toward continuous sobriety.

Individual Therapy

Any reputable facility will offer individual therapy sessions as a key part of outpatient care. In fact, such therapy sessions are designed to help clients better deal with their addictive tendencies. Likewise, if men and women have long been plagued by self-defeating thoughts, therapists can help them change their perception of the world around them. When optimism replaces pessimism, clients will be able to identify and change behaviors that no longer work for them in their recovery.

Group Therapy

While individual therapy is designed to help clients understand the roots of their addiction, group therapy will allow them to receive support from others who are suffering from similar problems. Even after clients have been discharged, they still can benefit from group sessions. Open and honest discussions within the group therapy sessions are helpful in relieving the obsession of continued craving.  Peers act as pillars of strength and information as they share their recovery-sustaining tools.

Ongoing Education at Into Action Treatment

Outpatient sessions also allow people to continue to learn more about their condition. Relapse-prevention programs are designed to help people avoid certain situations that may be detrimental to their efforts at sustained sobriety. Clients will learn how to identify and eliminate unhealthy behaviors so that they can avoid falling back into maladaptive behavior patterns.

Outpatient Treatment Program and Families

Outpatient facilities encourage family members to stay involved. When alumni receive support from their loved ones, it helps them stay away from drugs and alcohol and embark on a brand new life. With continued support and dedication, they’ll be able to remain sober. Our outpatient treatment program encourages the participation of family members through weekly family sessions with our counselors and family weekends every six weeks.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Program

The outpatient drug treatment program at Into Action helps individuals struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis. Our drug treatment programs begin with a residential treatment program, partial hospitalization program, and then an intensive outpatient program as necessary. We make use of the 12 steps to recovery and can help with any drug addiction, including a smoking cessation program.

Our compassionate staff is here to help individuals and families every step of the way. We have a drug intervention program for families that need help encouraging their loved one to begin treatment. We offer addiction aftercare and help each client create a relapse prevention plan in order to help them achieve sustained recovery.

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