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Nutrition and Addiction Recovery in Florida

Although many debilitating diseases can interfere with an individual’s ability to lead a healthy and productive life, drug or alcohol addiction can be particularly problematic to overcome.  Such addictions can have an adverse effect on one’s mental and physical health while also causing strain in one’s relationships with family and friends. The negative effect on one’s physical health is particularly important because a steady decline  can precipitate a plethora of degenerative diseases that can eventually lead to premature death. Because this is the case, individuals seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction should look for the services of a facility that offers nutritional advice that can correct health problems. Into Action Treatment is one such facility. By learning more about nutrition and addiction recovery, an individual can gain a deeper understanding of why Into Action Treatment is an ideal drug rehab center.

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery: The Basics 

As many health experts know, nutrition plays a profound role in helping individuals recover from addiction because drug users and alcoholics often are malnourished. The reasons for malnourishment are diverse but are usually because the consumption of drugs and alcohol generates a feeling of fullness that can result in failure to consume healthy foods. The result is that the body does not have the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. Additionally, drugs and alcohol preclude our bodies from properly breaking down and absorbing nutrients. This results in a wide variety of undesirable health problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, poor appetite, and an inability to properly digest foods.

Finding the Right Treatment Center

Although there are plenty of Florida drug rehab centers, Into Action stands out. This is because Into Action’s dietician Karen Gaucci can provide clients with the professional advice they need to make poor health a thing of the past. As an individual recovers from the psychological and physiological aspects of addiction, Gaucci will discuss the menu to ensure that the client is eating the types of foods that will facilitate health. Additionally, Into Action Treatment will offer catering services that suit each client’s needs. We can work with any dietary type, including vegetarians and those with specific allergies. To learn more about how Into Action facilitates wellness through its nutrition and addiction recovery, view our dietician Karen Gauchi’s video on the subject at www.IntoActionTreatment.com.

Nutrition and Addiction

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and are looking for nutrition and addiction services, Into Action is a great fit for you. In addition to offering therapy, we will provide you with the nutritional information you need to ensure that your health is fully restored. Our drug treatment center specializes in:  

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