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New found happiness

Adrey Rossin

Does any of this sound familiar? This is the way my life goes. My ego is always getting in my way, telling me that asking for help is not necessary, or even opening my eyes to the fact that there’s a need to acknowledge that I really don’t know.

In reality, my ignorance pushes me to the corner with an inability to communicate. It removes my prospects for advancing forward with my goals, dreams, and aspirations. In the Biblical book of James, it says that faith without works is dead, and prayer without action is sheer begging. How hypocritical would it be of me to push my clients to do the work when I’m just sitting and expecting the life to happen to me just because I’m not a user anymore? But did I not think that I wasn’t a user when I was rummaging through the personal belongings of loved, while ones telling myself I’m taking it as long as it’s there it’s not stealing? Or what about the lies I used to tell myself, and actually believing in them like they were truths?

I enjoyed being the victim, because it is so simple and easy to not focus on the exterior circumstances and point  fingers. So every time when I tell you that, I understands that it means I’m checking out. In those moments, whatever is being said comes in one ear and leaves through the other. Once I tell myself that I know, I check out because I turn myself off from the opportunity to gain new knowledge or experience. I just shut down. Through the years I have found that communication is not only the key, but it is also the door. I have also learned that 70% is visual, 23% is sound, and it’s only 7%  that are actual words.

Today it has become imperative for me to also realize that words are still being utilized to mask, and also as a defense mechanism. For a majority of my clients, as well as for myself, communication and an ability to verbalize what is going on inside is truly paramount. To be able to admit my failures and fears becomes my personal individual achievement in order to acknowledge the truth. Communicating a clear message is allowing myself to be vulnerable and opening up. It’s the way to really see my reality without the rose colored glasses of victimization. Being assertive and having my own opinion without looking behind my shoulder is my new found happiness. So seriously think about it. Does any of this sound familiar? Because if it does, that’s the way your life goes too.

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