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Into Action Narrative Medical Therapy

When it comes to Florida drug rehab programs, Into Action Treatment offers one of the most holistic approaches. One of the more beneficial methods for recovery that we use is our course in narrative medical therapy. This therapy is a form of treatment in which alcoholics and addicts tell stories about their lives: their experiences, their triumphs, their relationships, and their struggles with addiction. Cumulatively, these stories soon lead to revelations that allow people to begin making the decisions that ultimately will  save their lives. The narrative medical therapy program at Into Action has proven to be very effective for recovery.

Narrative Medical Therapy: An Example

Narrative medical therapy sessions often delve into specific themes. In one sitting, a person could discuss, for instance, her driving history. She might start by talking about high school driver’s education courses and road trips with college friends. After a while, however, her automobile-related past might involve episodes of driving under the influence and subsequent accidents and arrests. Thus, the person can relive some joyful occasions while also obtaining a clearer sense of the role addiction has played in her life. She’ll realize the alternate decisions she might have made and the ways in which she can move forward toward a new life, one free of substance abuse.

A Staff Experienced in Narrative Therapy 

Throughout narrative therapy sessions, our trained counselors at Into Action Treatment help keep the conversations engaging.  More importantly, they steer patients away from blame, guilt, and negative self-descriptions. They assist patients in focusing instead on their talents, their values, and the positive choices they’re free to make in the future.

Patients emerge from narrative therapy treatments with new-found appreciation for themselves, their gifts, and their happy memories. No longer will they view their life stories purely as accounts of traumatic events and substance abuse. Their view on addiction will be permanently altered; rather than envisioning themselves as addicts, they’ll start seeing themselves as valuable, complex individuals who happen to be afflicted by addiction. The difference is significant because the problem of addiction now seems like something apart from them, something they can ultimately defeat.

Some therapies lecture individuals about their ability to achieve sobriety; however,  it is much more effective for individuals to make such realizations on their own through narrative therapy.  This kind of therapeutic storytelling leads to some truly profound breakthroughs and is revolutionary in the drug rehab field.

Into Action is a drug and alcohol rehab center located in South Florida. We offer a variety of treatment methods that allow us to help clients get to the heart of their issue and recover fully. Please contact us today to learn more about our therapy types.

In addition to Narrative Medical Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:


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