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Michael M. Testimonial


Hello, my Name is Michael M., I am the father of five children. My oldest son is Jon has always been one of the most precious people in the world to me and our entire family. He has always had a kind and gentle strength. Around fifteen years ago my son began his journey into addiction. I could see all the signs of marijuana use at fifteen. I saw less and less of him as he regressed into a world where his safety and health were second to the relief of the drugs. Through this we tried outpatient facilities and various rehabilitation efforts. As the years went by there was a feeling of never knowing if he was ok. The hardest part for me was as he withdrew it took our relationship with him as the addiction worked to protect itself.

I remember the day in 2011. Jon called me. He had entered Into Action Treatment. He wanted me to know he was alright. The next few calls were a man I had never met before. He was transforming as the days went by. As he transitioned from inpatient to the halfway program there were so many miracles. Jon went on to find work and transition into his own apartment close to Into Action and come back and give his testimony. During this time he adopted a fitness routine and a new sense of who he could be. I was very far away but rejoiced in my son’s independence and freedom. For the first time in a decade he had hope.

I would love to end the story there. But, as in much of life it gets messy. Just before Christmas 2014. Jon called to let me know he was back in Into Action as an inpatient. I knew something was wrong. He was calling less and less. My heart was so happy that my son had once again found a source of strength and hope against the disease. This time Jon was too old to be on our insurance. That didn’t matter to Andrey Rossin founder and CEO of Into Action. He sent someone to pick Jon up. He allowed Jon to go through the program right until mid-March on a scholarship. Jon flew out to stay with us in Colorado. He is facing challenges every day. His support from Into Action continues. He speaks with his sponsor or Andrey almost daily. They not only support him but truly love him. He will always have a strong connection with every one there.

As a father I could never thank or payback Into Action. They have never asked either. I would like to give a special personal thanks to Andrey Rossin for his kindness and brotherly love. He is truly in the business of helping people find their freedom and hope to live again. I will always love the folks there and pray for their outreach against the disease of addiction every-day.


Michael M.

Berthoud Co.

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