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No matter who the clients are or what their history of addiction is, therapeutic massage can make an improvement in their health and well-being. For alcoholics and recovering addicts, the power of healing touch cannot be discounted, as the benefits of a weekly massage therapy can make all the difference in a treatment plan.

Massage for Whole-Body Wellness 

Here at Into Action Treatment we believe in treating the individual as a whole. Our holistic approach to recovery allows clients to address all the different areas of their lives that need healing, and develop tools needed to incorporate wellness practices into their mind, body, and spirit. Massage has been proven to assist with relaxation, sleeping and lessening anxiety. All of these benefits can be reaped by a once-weekly massage therapy session. Anyone that is considering entering drug rehab should be aware of this approach and look for it in their treatment program.

Quitting drugs or alcohol can bring on nervousness and anxiety, and massage is a great way to counter these effects. Withdrawal symptoms such as poor sleep or crawling skin can be alleviated by therapeutic massage. The tense, sore muscles that often plague those in recovery can also be relieved by message therapy. While there are medications that can ease the transition into a sober life, massage therapy can induce many of the same benefits without any negative side-effects.

Message Therapy for Emotional Trauma 

Massage therapy often helps those who are recovering from any sort of trauma to reintegrate into their own skin. This can be especially true for those who have abused their bodies or have suffered traumatic incidents in the past. While massage therapy can’t replace talk therapy, it accomplishes healing that talking cannot do. Receiving a massage makes a connection between the mind and body, helping patients learn to accept therapeutic touch in a safe environment. For some people, this is the first safe touch they have experienced in quite a long time. Even for those who have never had a traumatic experience, healing touch can be emotionally soothing .

If you are considering a Florida drug rehab, consider recovering at Into Action Treatment. Here you will find the healing touch you need to make a complete recovery, including professional therapeutic massage. If you want to be well again and free from addiction, we can help you reclaim your life and your body to create a new, healthy you.

To learn more about Into Action and the programs we provide, please contact us today.

In addition to Massage Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:


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