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Life Skills Groups

Life Skills Groups

One of the problems facing society today is that people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Anyone experimenting with drugs or alcohol can become addicted. For some it is a gradual process and for others it only takes one time to become to addicted to a particular substance. All addiction is bad. When someone becomes addicted, it is not just the addiction itself is harmful to the person and their family, but also the loss of life skills that many take for granted. For some, great losses in self confidence are also experienced. It is important that a whole-person approach be taken when a person is breaking their addiction with drugs and alcohol.

When looking for a Florida drug rehab or alcoholics group, consider IntoAction Treatment. Life skills groups cover these facets of life that non-addicts often take for granted and cannot easily relate to the loss of. Personal hygiene often must be relearned, and the staff and counselors at IntoAction Treatment understand this and are able to reteach these and other lost skills. Relearning such basic skills may seem embarrassing to addicts at first, but skills that are lost can affect other areas of life, including job seeking outcomes. Employers only want to hire those applicants who are mature enough to work for them, and if an applicant does not seem to be able to carry out basic hygiene and other skills, such as wearing clean clothing, there will not be an offer for employment.

Relearning these lost skills regarding personal hygiene complement the skills taught in appearing neat and being punctual for interviews. Increasing a person’s level of maturity by being able to take on simple tasks again and function normally helps a person’s growth. Self-confidence is increased when a recovering or former addict realizes he or she is completing the steps needed to gain increasingly larger amounts of independence.

Beating addiction is difficult in itself, but many slip back into addiction because basic life skills, including those regarding personal hygiene, were overlooked. Many Florida drug rehab centers concentrate on the party aspect of drug addiction and how to avoid it. This alone is not enough. Increase the chances of a full and complete recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol by ensuring that lost life skills are retaught, and call IntoAction Treatment to schedule an appointment and not only beat addiction but regain the skills addiction stole.

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