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Joe C. Testimonial


I was 27 years old walking into my 3rd treatment center in June of 2012. I was hopeless, miserable, and defeated. I didn’t even think treatment would work for me being I have tried it before. I gave the staff an incredibly hard time for the first two weeks. Andrey and the staff had no intention of giving up on me. When I realized that my attitude and behavior wasn’t going to get me anywhere, I started taking suggestions. I got a sponsor, I worked the steps, I worked with my therapist, I participated in groups, and slowly my attitude towards life started to change.

Some would say it was a miracle. I continue to work on my spiritual condition as I was taught and as a result my life is full of blessings. I now have about 2 1/2 years clean, a great job in the recovery field, a supportive family, a group of friends I wouldn’t trade for the world, and most importantly a new perspective on life. I’m not sure whether God brought me to Into Action or Into Action brought me to God, but either way they saved my life and I’m eternally grateful.

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