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Into Action Treatment’s individual therapy sessions are ultimately designed to build trust between the therapist and the patient. Because our therapists handle only six cases at a time, they will be able to give their full attention to patients seeking their help. When patients are given the proper care, they are more likely to be willing to talk about their addiction problems. Once our therapists have more information on the struggles of a particular patient, they are better able to help that individual change his or her behavior going forward, with the end goal being sustained sobriety. Our individual therapy sessions help clients get to the heart of their addiction and move forward toward sobriety.

Benefits of Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy ranges over a wide number of different concepts. Therapists at Into Action Treatment are quite versatile and bring a broad array of therapeutic techniques to each individual session. In addition to psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy, therapists might also turn to narrative therapy, hypnotherapy and body-oriented psychotherapy. Narrative therapy, which coaxes patients to tell their life stories from beginning to end, is a great way for therapists to get to know the individuals they are working with. Once a particular life story has become known, therapists can identify certain cultural and social influences that may have led to the addiction problem in the first place.

Open-Door Policy 

Into Action Treatment adheres to an open-door policy that allows patients to have access to the Executive Director and the CEO 24/7. Such a policy allows patients to seek validation as they continue to move toward sobriety. When each and every staff member at the facility is dedicated to the success of the patients, positive outcomes are much more likely. The individual therapy sessions at Into Action are designed to unlock inner secrets so that patients are better equipped to kick their addictions once and for all.

The Advantages of a Small Treatment Center 

The advantages of a small treatment facility are profound because there are only a limited number of people at the center at any one time. Each patient will receive care from top professionals in the field. In fact, the client-focused treatment available at Into Action Treatments is designed to help people develop positive attitudes that can be maintained through the months and years ahead. All patients will receive calibrated treatment plans that will allow them to turn their lives around.

Into Action is a treatment center located in sunny South Florida. We provide the highest level of care to our clients, and our therapists and counselors are committed to treating each individual with the respect and compassion they deserve. We provide each client with an individualized treatment plan, in order to meet all of their needs.

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In addition to Individual Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:


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