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Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida

Recovering from drug addiction is often an arduous process, one that forces patients to come to terms with their innermost emotions so they can set off on a path to sobriety. With the help and support of Into Action therapists, patients are encouraged to confront the fears and anxieties that are often intimately intertwined with drug addiction. During our holistic drug rehab, patients ultimately are asked to take ownership of the recovery process.

Holistic Drug Rehab

Into Action uses different methods in our holistic drug rehab program. Our therapists use various therapy methods in individual and group settings to help clients get to the heart of their addiction and overcome it.

Intensive Individual Therapy

Counselors at Into Action Treatment are assigned only six cases at a time, so they are able to devote a great deal of attention to each and every patient. We provide a safe therapeutic environment that encourages men and women to reengage with the world around them. Patients are expected to participate actively in the process so they can make steady progress during their stay at the facility.

Daily and Weekly Activities

Drug addicts are dangerously susceptible to relapse during the initial weeks of treatment so counselors encourage participation in a number of different activities. From holistic drug detox to our aftercare program, we help individuals encompass holistic methods that help them recover in mind, body, and spirit. In addition to weekly gym sessions, patients also will take part in daily aerobic classes designed to provide them with natural chemical highs. Yoga sessions are used to help men and women become familiar with the concepts of spirituality and mindfulness. The facility also makes use of psychodrama which is a therapeutic technique involving self-presentation, role-playing, and dramatization.

Hopelessness to Hope

Into Action’s holistic addiction treatment provides a viable path from hopelessness to hope. When patients develop a strong sense of spirituality, they are better able to push forward to recovery. With knowledgeable therapists involved in the process, drug addicts can leave behind their past problems and can look forward to spectacular new lives in the months and years ahead.

Holistic Drug Treatment

The holistic drug treatment program at Into Action provides hope to individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. To learn more about our holistic alcohol treatment program, or our drug rehab program, please contact us today.

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