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How do I know my loved one has a problem?
Please view two sections of our site assesment and withdrawal symptoms.

Read MoreHow can I get more info about the center?
You have some choices: you can phone our hotline 24/7 at 1-855-933-6732 and/or email  your contact info to andrey@intoactiontreatment.com , or just go on chat.

Read MoreHow long is the treatment?
Minimum stay 45 days and average 95-97 days. Its We offer progress-based treatment.

Read MoreWhat types of insurance are accepted by the center?
Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Value Options, GHI-BMP, Magellan Health Services, Hallmark, United Behavioral Health and many more, with a majority out of network and PPO providers. All policies can be verified in a matter of minutes by our representative. We also offer flexible payment plans and accept credit cards.

Read MoreWhere are you located?
Boynton Beach , South Florida, minutes from West Palm Beach International airport and less than 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale International airport.

Do you accept Medicaid/Medicare?
We don’t, but we can always see if we can work out a short-term payment plan.

Read MoreHow big is your center?
We are a small and intimate setting that assures individualized treatment and client-focused work. We have seven female beds  and fifteen male beds.

Read MoreHow many therapists?
We have six clients per therapist ratio, which allows undivided attention to each  client all the time.

Read MoreDo you have inpatient?
We are licensed on four levels with Florida Department of Children and Families partial hospitalization with community housing, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and aftercare, and, yes, clients do stay closely monitored 24/7 at our safe and secured housing .

Read MoreDo you offer outpatient?
Yes. At this time it is only offered to our own clients who  complete the program of Into Action.We plan to expand outpatient services in the near future.

Read MoreIs there a specialist I can talk to?
Yes, our hotline number is 1-855-933-6732, and someone is available to help 24/7.

Read MoreI’d like to speak to someone. Can you have someone contact me now?
Yes, please email  andrey@intoactiontreatment.com or dial 1-855-933-6732 any time.

Read MoreDo you do interventions?
Yes, we can arrange for interventions.

Read MoreCan I speak to clients who have finished your program?
Yes, we have alumni who actively participate with the community. You can ask them questions.

Read MoreWhat is BBSS?
Big Book Step Study is the original approach taken by the first 100 alcoholics who  recovered in 1939 in Alcoholics Anonymous by utilizing the instructional step-by-step format with the help of guides who had been through the process.We know that alcohol is a drug, and many of us have practical experience with this approach, which has worked miracles in our lives. We provide exposure to recovered sponsors and provide BBSS meetings inside and outside the center to our clients.

Read MoreWhy is your average stay 90 days while other treatment centers its 28?
IntoAction Treatment utilizes individual progress-based treatment, where a client gets treatment based on his/her therapeutic progress and willingness to follow directions and continue with the process. Its shows significant results in treatment. Statistics proves that prolonged stay in treatment and work on underlying issues decreases chances of relapses in clients.

Read MoreWhat type of treatment do you offer?
Into Action Treatment utilizes an integrative approach to engage recovery of the mind, body, spirit, and community. A minimum of 25 hours of therapy per week is spent in group therapy, quality time with a sponsor/mentor, individual therapy, family therapy, and intensive holistic modalities. Anger management, psychodrama,  art therapy,  life skills management, communication skills, and relapse prevention are but a few of the specialty groups offered.

Read MoreCan you send some information?
Yes, please email  andrey@intoactiontreatment.com, or dial 1-855-933-6732 any time for an immediate response.

How many clients do you have at the center?
Our capacity is twenty two at this time.We have seven female beds and fifteen male beds located in completely separate parts of town.

Who pays for the flight?
It is your responsibility to pay for your transportation. If you have financial constraints, you may take out an interest-free loan by signing a promissory note upon arrival.


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