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Drug Addiction Family Support Groups in Florida

One of the most difficult parts of life when a family member is struggling with substance abuse is figuring out how to help the sufferer as well as the family. Substance abuse is not just confusing for the people discovering the role substances play in their lives, but for everyone around them. This is just one reason we at Into Action Treatment have made family support groups for drug addiction a major part of our rehabilitation program. Weekly counseling sessions and the intensive family weekend provide the opportunity to invite significant others into the recovery process.

Family Support Groups for Drug Addiction

We know how important family members are to those in recovery. Clients often enter treatment under the encouragement of loved ones, and a main goal during rehab is to repair the relationships that have been harmed by addiction. At Into Action, our counselors are skilled in helping loved ones become a part of the healing process. We understand that loved ones need help too, which is why our family support groups for drug addiction are so important. 

Drug Addiction Family Support

We welcome families to take part in sessions with our counselors every week. Through these sessions, we provide drug addiction family support. Loved ones learn about the disease of addiction, understand how it has impacted their relationships, and help them develop a support system and positive tools to help their loved one recover. 

Intensive Family Weekends

The intensive family weekend process is perhaps the most important therapeutic tool we offer. It provides the opportunity to learn, to share and process feelings, and simply to heal. A weekend includes a Friday night dinner, Alanon information session, and an alumni share. Saturday includes education related to denial, codependency, recovery skills, and relapse prevention; therapeutic process groups focusing on sharing the effects of substance abuse in the family; and an opportunity for the clients to share meaningful revelations and pain discovered during the treatment process. Sunday mornings provide closure to the weekend by moving into the solution by focusing on prevention of relapse and recognizing family dynamics that can continue to promote healing.

Into Action is a drug treatment center that offers drug addiction treatment, alcoholism treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment. We connect individuals with a medical detox center and offer residential and outpatient treatment for recovery.

We provide clients with a holistic approach to recovery, using client-focused and progress-based methods for treatment. Our services include:

Acupuncture for addiction | Yoga for addiction | Meditation and addiction recovery | Nutrition and addiction recovery | Spirituality and addiction recovery | Anger and addiction | Drug addiction and relationships | Fun things to do sober | Life skills training | Chiropractic services | Exercise training

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