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Into Action Treatment Facility

Into Action Treatment is conveniently located at 2310 SE 2nd Street in Boynton Beach, Florida, minutes from I-95 and the ocean. We have safe and secure men’s and women’s community housing, as well as structured halfway housing, all licensed by FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences).

Our location is less than a half hour away from the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale International Airports.

Small, Intimate Setting

Into Action Treatment offers a number of benefits to clients at our facility. In fact, because the treatment center has only 22 total beds, each client receives personalized care throughout the entirety of treatment. The intimacy of the setting is designed to give individuals every opportunity to pull themselves out of their downward addiction spiral. With a variety of therapy sessions and a multitude of holistic treatment options, clients are able to make steady progress toward sobriety.

Advantages of a Small Facility

The advantages of seeking treatment at a small facility are numerous. Because many clients may have struggled with addiction problems for years or even decades, they already may have been subjected to treatment plans in the past that did not work. Into Action Treatment understands that clients will require individualized treatment plans designed to play to their strengths. Small facilities allow counselors to develop calibrated action plans for each individual. While some clients might respond incredibly well to individual therapy, others will be more at home in group therapy sessions. The intimate therapeutic environment allows flexibility of scheduling, and just as importantly, does not allow the client to “hide”; that is, each client counts.

Offered Activities

Into Action is dedicated to providing clients with a broad array of innovative activities. Men and women can engage in yoga, meditation and other spiritual awareness therapies. Experienced acupuncturists, massage therapists, and chiropractors also are  available. For individuals who have neglected their physical health for several months, cardiovascular exercises and nutrition classes can reenergize the body chemistry. The goal is to foster a mind-body synergy that encourages regain optimal health.

We hold weekly barbecues and encourage Sunday church service attendance at our facility. Our goal is to help clients achieve wellness in all areas of their lives, including their physical health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual growth.

Passion and Dedication

The entire staff at Into Action works as a family to dynamically engage each client with passion and dedication to healing.

No Minimum Stay 

Into Action Treatment is dedicated to giving clients all the tools they need to succeed in recovery. There is no minimum length of stay for our clients, because we base each client’s treatment plan on  individual needs. While some will recover more quickly, others need the extra support that we can provide to prevent relapse. Our program is designed in such a way that clients can begin with inpatient therapy, where they receive the highest level of care and support, and then can move on to outpatient and aftercare programs. As clients step from one phase of treatment to the next, they become more independent and ready to return to their normal lives.