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Exercise Training and Coaching at Into Action

Exercise Supervision 

Physical exercise is an integral part of addiction recovery. At Into Action Treatment, we ensure that all patients are given the chance to participate in a wide variety of activities. When men and women are able to elevate their heart rates, they can revive both their bodies and their minds. In fact, rigorous exercise can produce a chemical high within the brain. For individuals who are seeking a way out of addiction, exercise can take the place of drugs or alcohol.

Morning Program 

All patients are asked to participate in a morning exercise training program at our facility. With aerobics and kickboxing, patients increase their blood flow before they head off to their other daily activities. In fact, when groups of like-minded individuals take aerobics, they can urge each other to complete the exercises. Kickboxing, on the other hand, will allow patients to get rid of their inner aggression in a healthy manner. As a combat sport, kickboxing promotes general fitness while also encouraging individuals to engage in an activity that they truly enjoy. The thirty-minute morning session also includes Pilates.

Yoga and Gym Training 

Patients will have access to the gym three times each week. Gym sessions will allow individuals to participate in stretching exercises, strength training activities and cardiovascular workouts. The male house has a gym inside it, and patients will be able to make good use of it whenever they want. In addition to the gym sessions, patients also can look forward to weekly yoga classes. Yoga is an ancient practice designed to coax the body through different positions. By holding these positions and engaging in a bit of meditation, individuals will be able to leave their anxieties behind.


For patients who are truly interested in getting rid of some of their inner anger, boxing is perhaps the perfect activity. Individuals can slap on a pair of gloves and begin taking out their frustration on a punching bag. Though boxing has a reputation for being difficult, it is an eminently cathartic sport that will allow addicts to focus their minds on the recovery process.

Benefits of Exercise Training 

For recovering addicts, the physical activity of exercising can be a blessing. In fact, exercise can be viewed as a therapeutic technique. By burning off excess energy, men and women will have an easier time overcoming their current struggles. At Into Action Treatment, they can kick their habits and reengage with life. Into Action Treatment offers a variety of methods to facilitate holistic healing from drug and alcohol addiction. Our drug treatment center is located in South Florida, and we specialized in individualized treatment that offers the best results for healing.

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