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Into Action Evidence-Based Therapy

Into Action Treatment uses evidence-based therapy that is supported through years of critical analysis. Rather than relying on older techniques  rooted in questionable methodologies, our facility is dedicated to providing patients with a dynamic environment in which they can eliminate their addictions and regain a life of dignity and joy. The therapists at Into Action Treatment are committed to using modern techniques grounded in science rather than intuition. Because only 10 percent of rehabilitation facilities in the nation are dedicated to using evidence-based therapies, Into Action Treatment  rightfully can be considered an innovator in the field. Part of our evidence-based program is our cognitive restructuring therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and motivational enhancement therapy.

Cognitive Restructuring Therapy

Cognitive restructuring therapy is one of the foundational pillars of any drug rehab program. It is designed to help patients avoid negative thinking patterns so that they can begin to take control of their lives. When patients are able to avoid dysfunctional thoughts, they will have a much greater chance of reforming their behavioral patterns and engaging in healthy activities.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions have long proven to be especially helpful for patients who are ashamed of their addictions. While a reputable therapist will be responsible for leading each session, the goal is to have group members share their personal stories with others who likely have been dealing with similar problems. When patients understand that they are not alone in their fight against the disease, they will be able to develop bonds with others in the group. Support and encouragement are eminently important concepts for patients who wish to finally become sober.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is likewise steeped in evidence-based methodologies. When members of the immediate family play prominent roles in the recovery process, patients are much more likely to achieve sobriety. In some cases, family members will be asked to reinforce behavioral changes that patients have learned at Into Action Treatment. When encouragement comes from a variety of sources, patients can stand firm more easily in their struggle against alcohol and drugs.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

While a newer technique, motivational enhancement therapy is designed to help patients plan for the future. By setting long-term goals and devising ways to continue to make progress, patients will be motivated to maintain their sobriety. Therapists usually use persuasive techniques to show addicts how much better their lives will be once they are free from alcohol and drugs. By combining motivational enhancement therapy with the other methods described above, Into Action Treatment ensures that all patients are given a chance to succeed.

Into Action is a treatment center that is committed to providing clients with the tools they need to succeed in their sobriety. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment center.

In addition to Evidence Based Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:


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