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Eric R. Testimonial


I was doing all that I thought I needed to do to succeed in life but I just had one big secret that no one knew about. I was in school full time studying business at a community college so I could have a career with a decent salary. I was bussing tables full time working hard seeking a promotion to a server position. I had everything figured out but I also had an anchor weighing me down – I was a full time drug addict. On the outside it all looked good but inside, my everyday life was actually unmanageable.

My life was progressively getting worse and I had no idea that I wasn’t alone and that help was out there, I just needed to speak up and ask for it. This journey took me to Into Action where I was ready to surrender and get the help I not only needed but also wanted. There I learned to be content with myself without suppressing my insecure feelings with deadly substances. My eyes were opened to my drug addict behaviors and thinking that I have been battling my whole life, even before I first picked up. I was shown more often than not all the issues I have are created in my mind because my thinking was wrong.

I was transitioned from the life I thought was normal to a life that sincerely is normal without self-medicating a never-ending void in me. I was transformed from the inside out and I still continue to grow everyday, asking for help when needed and not letting my pride get in the way. Self-pity isn’t the answer for me anymore. Today I analyze any problem I am faced and figure out a solution. Thanks to Into Action I am a functioning member of society capable of living a happy sober life.

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