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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Florida

Dual diagnosis is the condition of having both a substance abuse problem and a coexisting psychiatric disorder. In order to fully recover, someone with dual diagnosis must be treated for both conditions through a dual diagnosis treatment program. According to the American Medical Association, up to 37 percent of alcohol abusers and up to 53 percent of drug abusers entering Florida drug rehab have a mental illness in addition to a substance abuse problem.

How Is Dual Diagnosis Determined?

The symptoms of drug and alcohol dependency can produce symptoms very much like those found in mental illness. Without clear evidence of a preexisting psychiatric condition, the addict or alcoholic must medically detox from drugs and alcohol in order for an accurate diagnosis to be made. Once withdrawn from drugs or alcohol, if a patient is found to have a dual diagnosis, we can treat both conditions simultaneously; however, our primary focus is on recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment must take into account every area of an individual’s life that is out of balance. In addition to highly trained clinical counselors, a psychiatrist and physician’s assistants provide expert psychiatric diagnosis and treatment as needed. Therapeutic medications, if prescribed (non-addictive only), may be self-administered with close staff observation.

It is important that an individual receive treatment for a substance addiction and mental illness simultaneously. Because these two conditions can interfere with each other and mask one another, treating only one of the conditions often leads to a fast relapse. At Into Action Treatment, our staff fully evaluates each client to determine his or her needs, and then enlist the help of mental health professionals to treat mental health disorders that are present.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Our dual diagnosis treatment center offers clients the very best care for behavioral disorders like drug and alcohol addiction, in connection with treatment for mental health disorders. At Into Action drug treatment center, we use a holistic approach to recovery and use different methods for achieving complete wellness, including acupuncture, yoga, meditation, spirituality, exercise training, chiropractic services, and a nutrition program.

We enlist the help of loved ones whenever possible and offer family support groups for drug addiction. We focus largely on helping clients rebuild bonds with loved ones through our anger and addiction program  because drug addiction damages relationships.

Into Action Treatment makes use of a client-focused recovery, and through our progress-based programs, we are able to help individuals put their addiction behind them. As part of our program, we offer life skills training and relapse prevention, and we encourage clients to find fun things to do sober.

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