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Drug Treatment Programs in Florida

An individual who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction will need the help and guidance of skilled professionals in order to recover. Into Action Treatment Center offers clients a continuum of care that progresses at their own pace and speed of recovery. Our drug treatment programs take clients from the early critical stages of recovery  all the way through to long-term and aftercare options. We do not rush clients through our program; the average length of stay for our clients is 75+ days. We slowly transition individuals from one stage to the next in order to prevent relapse, which results from a hasty treatment plan.

Each client who comes through our doors is provided with an individualized treatment plan. When creating the plan, our therapists take into consideration all the different aspects of the person’s life and history, as well as goals for the future. We use a holistic addiction treatment approach, meaning we encourage healing in all aspects of the client’s life. Our drug treatment center helps put an end to addiction through the work of our caring, compassionate, experienced staff.

Drug Treatment Programs

Into Action drug treatment process begins with a residential treatment program. Clients live at our facility, where they are supervised around the clock and provided with support and encouragement during the critical first few weeks of recovery. Our partial hospitalization program allows clients to come to our facility for day and night treatment.

Once the inpatient phase is complete, clients will transition to intensive outpatient and then outpatient drug treatment program. During this phase of recovery, clients will begin to transition back to their normal lives, while still returning to our facility for regular therapy sessions.

At Into Action Treatment, we believe having a relapse prevention plan in place is important for recovery. We work with clients to keep them connected with staff and peers at our facility and offer addiction aftercare programs to help them avoid relapse. Recovery is something that most people have to work at for the rest of their lives, and our staff is here to provide the resources clients need to avoid relapse and live a healthy lifestyle.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Into Action Treatment uses a 12-step recovery format with our clients, and we encourage participation in 12-step meetings and support groups. We specialize in a variety of addiction therapy types, such as art therapy, psychodrama therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy. We offer treatment programs for drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis, and smoking cessation.

We believe it is important to help the entire family as well, and our family program allows loved ones to participate in the recovery process. Our drug intervention program provides families with the tools needed to persuade their loved one to accept help, and we walk families through the entire treatment process.

Into Action has a drug addiction treatment program that is right for you. To learn more about our programs and therapies, or for intervention assistance, please contact us today. Our caring staff is ready to start you or your loved one on the road to recovery.


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