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Drug Treatment Center in Florida by Into Action

Into Action drug treatment center is a comprehensive rehab facility located in sunny South Florida. We serve clients with addiction disorders by helping them learn how to live without their addictive substance  and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The staff at Into Action uses a holistic addiction treatment plan. We believe it is important to help individuals establish healthy practices throughout the different areas of their life, not just when it comes to using drugs or alcohol. Our drug treatment programs help clients achieve sustained recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Drug Treatment Center

Into Action drug treatment center uses a client-focused approach that implements progress based methods for recovery. We create unique treatment plans for each individual, because each person who comes through our doors has different needs and goals. The most effective plans are those that use a variety of therapy methods and treatment programs.

We start with an assessment for each client, referring him or her to a medical detox center if necessary, and then admitting him or her into our residential rehab program. During inpatient and outpatient therapy, our staff uses different methods to help clients get to the heart of their addiction and develop the tools needed to remain sober. We offer a long-term care option for those in need of extra support as they work toward sobriety. We help clients continue in their sobriety by helping them find fun things to do sober and by connecting them with others that are going through the same struggles and have the same commitments to sobriety.

Into Action Drug Rehab Center

The addiction therapy programs that we provide at Into Action drug rehab center help individuals who struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis. We focus on life skills training, and help  individuals develop healthy habits to replace their unhealthy substance abuse.

Our programs are varied and are designed to meet
the different needs of each of our clients:

The nutrition program at Into Action Treatment provides counseling to individuals regarding healthy food choices and helps educate clients about the importance of proper nutrition during and after recovery.

We offer programs like acupuncture, yoga, and meditation during recovery. These are important components to our program because they help the client manage pain and relax so they can be more capable of sobriety. Spirituality during recovery is important to help the individual rely on a higher power and achieve a more focused recovery. We also provide chiropractic services and exercise training to those who want options to improve their overall physical health.

Into Action helps families during their loved one’s recovery. Our family support groups for drug addiction help loved ones understand the disease of addiction and learn strategies they can put into practice that will help their family member recover. We hold weekly family sessions with counselors and host family weekends at our facility every 45 days. We help clients rebuild relationships that have been damaged by addiction and offer anger therapy programs.

The treatment programs at Into Action work in combination to provide clients with the very best chance at success. Our compassionate staff is always here to help, and we provide clients with the dignity and respect they deserve.

To learn more about our drug rehab center, please contact us today.
Toll Free 1-855-933-6732 or International 1-561-336-2162

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