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Drug Intervention Program in Florida

When individuals are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it is important that their families and loved ones seek help for them before they succumb to the addiction. The Into Action drug intervention program can help families motivate their loved one to seek the necessary help.

An intervention is the process of telling individuals that their loved ones want them to seek help for their abuse of substances like alcohol and drugs. Family members, friends, co-workers and clergy members may come together to ask this person to enter a rehab program. Planning out the steps for the intervention is incredibly important for the best chances of success.

Drug Intervention Program

The first step to establishing an intervention is to get the entire family on board. Everybody close to the individual needs to agree to this. Being willing to deny money and even a place to live to the one who is abusing alcohol or drugs is essential. Continuing to enable them can eventually result in death.

Next, each person needs to provide specific examples of behaviors they consider destructive. This may require some research, like talking to friends and colleagues. Each family member will be required to detail the specific actions they will take if their loved one decides to refuse the treatment. This can be a very painful, but necessary step in helping substance abusers on the path to rebuilding their lives.

Finally, the group confronts the loved one in the hopes that he or she will agree to enter a pre-arranged treatment program.

There are a number of benefits to seeking a drug intervention program for a loved one. Treatment can change the loved one’s health and social life for the better. The family may once again begin to experience hope, leaving behind fear and sorrow. Communication and relationships improve through sobriety. Into Action Treatment can be a significant stepping-stone in the recovery process.

Drug Addiction Intervention

Into Action Treatment boasts one of the best drug addiction intervention services Florida has to offer, and we take the process of recovery seriously.  We establish an intervention plan as a prerequisite for rehabilitation. With knowledgeable and compassionate care, an individual in need of recovery is in great hands.

Into Action has a drug treatment program for everyone. We offer:

Outpatient drug treatment | Relapse prevention plan | 12 step recovery | Intensive outpatient program | Residential treatment program | Smoking cessation program | Partial hospitalization program | Addiction aftercare

To find out about our drug treatment programs, or to get help for a drug intervention, please contact us today.
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