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Donation Program for Scholarship Clients

With addiction being a national and worldwide epidemic, many families who cannot afford treatment for their loved ones and are desperate for them to get help, look specifically for treatment facilities that are able to take in clients with scholarships. These addicts are in desperate need of help and your contribution could help save a life.

Your gift regardless if it is small or large will help cover the costs not only for the whole therapeutic aspect but also food and lodging. Please take the time to read some of our testimonials from previous scholarshiped clients and see what an impact this gift of treatment has made in their lives.

button_donate*100% of all donations go directly into our patient aid fund

Click the donate button to get started. (Paypal account not required)


Client testimonial:

Hello, my Name is Michael Millheim. I am the father of five children. My oldest son is Jon. He has always been one of the most precious people in the world to me and his entire family. He has always had a kind and gentle strength. Around fifteen years ago my son began his journey into addiction. I could see all the signs of marijuana use at fifteen. I saw less and less of him as he regressed into a world where his safety and health were second to the relief of the drugs. Through this we tried outpatient facilities and various rehabilitation efforts. As the years went by there was a feeling of never knowing if he was ok. The hardest part for me was as he withdrew it took our relationship with him as the addiction worked to protect itself.

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