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Into Action Disease Model Therapy

Individuals who have been consumed by addiction for years often wonder why they are more susceptible to certain tendencies. Into Action Treatment understands that addiction is a disease stemming from certain biological and neurological components. When patients understand that they have a disease, they can try whole new avenues of treatment.

The treatment plans offered at Into Action Treatment are based on the disease model of addiction, which has significant support within the larger community of rehabilitation professionals. When patients are treated by experts who understand that addiction can be caused by both biological and environmental factors, they will have a much greater chance of reaching sobriety. The conceptual framework of disease model therapy identifies addiction as a progressive illness that is irreversible. As men and women become more dependent on certain substances, the chemistry of the brain itself is changed. Subsequently, addicts will be subjected to more powerful addictive urges that  eventually will lead to serious health issues. According to the disease model, the only real way to kick addiction is to devote oneself to complete abstinence. For alcoholics especially, abstinence can help them get their addictive tendencies under control before the kidneys and liver are irrevocably damaged.

Disease Model Therapy and Lifelong Treatment

Because the disease model considers addiction a lifelong illness, men and women who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have to make permanent lifestyle changes. Because they may have a genetic predisposition to addiction, they must guard against relapse for the rest of their lives. At Into Action Treatment, patients will be given the chance to confront their illness by devoting themselves to individual and group therapy sessions. The goal is to recognize the seriousness of the disease so that it can finally and ultimately be beaten. Ongoing support from family members and friends will be a crucial component of the recovery process.

Into Action recognizes the viability of disease model treatment and is committed to helping patients engage in activities that will take their minds off of alcohol and drugs. Individuals can participate in yoga, Pilates, massage therapy and hypnotherapy. They also can take part in kickboxing classes and other strenuous athletic activities. When men and women at our facility frequently engage in spiritually uplifting exercises, they will begin to develop healthier lifestyles over the long run. With our support and the support of loved ones, they will attain sobriety once and for all.

Into Action is a treatment facility that uses a variety of methods to offer clients the best possible chance at sustained recovery. We follow a holistic approach to recovery, which is based on the idea that the individual must achieve wellness in body, mind, and spirit in order to live a healthy and sober life.

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In addition to Disease Model Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:


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