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Into Action Cognitive Restructuring Therapy

Cognitive restructuring therapy is part of the therapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This type of therapy encourages patients to focus on their thought processes and to make modifications when those thoughts become negative.

Individuals who struggle with drug addiction or alcoholism no doubt have experienced dysfunction at some point in their lives. They may have suffered from emotional trauma or abuse, or may be the victim of an unhealthy relationship. Emotional trauma and other painful experiences can lead the person to turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. By numbing their minds with substances, people are able to manage the negative thoughts that they can’t otherwise control.

Cognitive Restructuring Therapy

Cognitive restructuring therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy help individuals first of all identify areas that cause negative thoughts to penetrate their minds. Through this therapy, clients will learn why they experience those negative thoughts and what the consequences of those thoughts are. Cognitive restructuring therapy is designed to help patients modify negative thinking patterns so that they can begin to take control of their lives. When patients are able to avoid dysfunctional thoughts, they will be much better prepared to change their behavioral patterns and engage in healthy activities.

Therapists at Into Action are experienced in a wide variety of treatment methods, including cognitive restructuring therapy. Our caring, compassionate staff offers clients encouragement and support throughout their recovery, and we are here to provide long-term care and counseling  for those who need it. In order for people to fully recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, it is necessary for them to heal all the underlying factors that contribute to that addiction. Through techniques like CBT, we are able to get to the heart of addiction and help clients begin to rebuild their lives using positive, healthy methods.

Into Action Treatment provides clients with a continuum of care. We help individuals not only overcome addiction, but also heal the emotional and psychological wounds they have suffered. With a strong focus on spirituality, our staff is able to offer clients hope of a new life, completely free from the burdens they have been carrying for so long. The holistic treatment program at Into Action promotes healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Into Action is a treatment center that is committed to helping clients develop the tools they need to succeed in their sobriety and live a healthy, happy life. We offer inpatient therapy, outpatient treatment, and long-term care. There is no minimum length of stay in our program, and we ensure each client receives the help needed to achieve sustained recovery.

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In addition to Cognitive Restructing Therapy, Into Action uses different therapy methods, including:


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