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Client-Focused Treatment at Into Action

Individual Treatment

In our crowded and frenetic society, individualized attention is increasingly rare. Studies have shown that people benefit most from consistent communication and close relationships with others in small, intimate settings. At Into Action Treatment, a leading Florida drug rehab facility, we recognize that communication is the key to intimacy; that intimacy is the key to forming successful relationships; and that healthy relationships are the key to sustained recovery. We seek to create an environment in which to safely explore behavior patterns that are ineffective. Here are several advantages to utilizing this effective mode of therapy for recovering alcoholics and addicts:

Client-Focused Treatment

1. Smaller Case Loads

Home groups form when therapists focus their efforts on a limited number of clients as opposed to a large caseload. The therapists then are  able to address the individual needs of their clients without spreading themselves too thin and failing to engage those who are in need of their help. The therapists at Into Action Treatment have a maximum caseload of six clients.

2. Individualized Attention to Clients

Like anyone else in society, each recovering addict and alcoholic is unique in his or her own thought processes and learning abilities. Some are more outgoing and flourish in group settings where they discuss their problems, while others refuse to speak and respond better to one-on-one counseling with their therapist. At Into Action Treatment, we understand that the nuances of individual character and cognitive processing may not be present in large group settings. That is why our therapists take time to meet with their clients regularly, both through individualized therapy and small group settings. Every client is given counseling that is structured to his or her own way of learning and communicating. At the same time, clients are encouraged to participate in the home group sessions in order to gain support and foster camaraderie among others who share in their recovery efforts.

3. Rewarding Collaborative Efforts

Our therapists see clients as people, not case numbers. By utilizing home groups, they are able to collaborate with their clients in a partnership that leads to recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. This careful attention to teamwork also increases the likelihood that clients will remain free of drugs or after their time in the rehab facility is finished. These three reasons illustrate the benefits of utilizing home groups. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, inquire about individualized therapy from our dedicated professionals at Into Action Treatment today. Into Action Treatment is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that provides help to those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and related behavioral disorders. Benefits of Into Action:

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