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What is Comorbidity?

When considering drug addiction many addicts are struggling with ‘comorbidity’. What is comorbidity? This is when the addict is struggling with two chronic conditions at one time. A good example… [ Read more ]

What is Behavioral Therapy?

There are many forms of treatment in addiction. One of these forms is called “Behavioral Therapy”. Behavioral Therapy, or CBT as it is often referred to, helps the addict to… [ Read more ]

Family Weekend at Into Action Treatment

Weekend in Rehab with Your Loved One Many people try to dodge going into rehab because they are afraid that their families won’t understand what they are going through. For… [ Read more ]

How Treatment Helps You to Take Control of Your Life

Many people avoid drug or alcohol treatment due to the stigma of having been through rehab. However, if left unchecked any addiction can quickly take over your life and destroy… [ Read more ]

Tips for Finding a Drug Rehab Sponsor

A powerful tool for those who are struggling to stay clean and sober is to find a drug rehab sponsor. This sponsor is a person who is more experienced at… [ Read more ]