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Stinkin Thinkin

How your Ego Sabotages Your Recovery Ego is a Latin word that literally translates to ‘self’ but when we are talking about your ego in terms of recovery, we mean… [ Read more ]

An Honest Look at Romantic Love

Have you ever heard that the neurological effects of love are almost identical to those of cocaine use? While it may sound hyperbolic, research has shown it to be quite… [ Read more ]

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

Into Action is a progress based drug treatment facility located in Boynton Beach Florida. We serve all of the surrounding areas, including West Palm Beach, as well as Nationally. We… [ Read more ]

New Partnership with YPR

We have recently announced a new partnership with Young People in Recovery, to bring the My Recovery is E.P.I.C. program to our facility! Starting in the next 2 months, E.P.I.C.… [ Read more ]

What is Relapse?

When considering addiction, one must also consider that addicts can often relapse. What is relapse one may inquire? Relapse is when the addict once again begins their addictive behavior after… [ Read more ]