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Strengths of Group Therapy

  Group therapy has long been known as one of the most effective tools for the recovering addict. There are a lot of things that make group therapy successful.  It’s… [ Read more ]

The Effects a Friend, Peer, or Family Member’s Relapse Can Have on a Recovering Addict

Control is not always in our hands, and we must face the reality that the people around us are not in our control.  We cannot make choices for them, or… [ Read more ]

Feeling Isolated on your Path to Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery can sometimes be a lonely experience, whether or not a newly sober person has the support of friends and family.  It’s a journey that one must ultimately face… [ Read more ]

Mindfulness Meditation: A Practical Supportive Sobriety Aid

Meditation is becoming more widely practiced in popular culture, and can be found in mainstream national gym chains and upscale spas with more regularity.  Once dismissed as a trend, it… [ Read more ]

Treating Healthy Recovery Aids with Moderation

Recovering addicts are often encouraged to find outside activities to aid in the recovery process.  Healthful practices like exercise, meditation, and natural foods are encouraged in order to refocus attention… [ Read more ]