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Eric R. Testimonial

I was doing all that I thought I needed to do to succeed in life but I just had one big secret that no one knew about. I was in… [ Read more ]

12 Important Points for New Drug & Alcohol Counselors

The following suggestions were prepared by all of the counselors at our affordable long term drug rehab, Into Action Treatment, in Boynton Beach Florida. We hope you find the information useful!… [ Read more ]

Joe C. Testimonial

I was 27 years old walking into my 3rd treatment center in June of 2012. I was hopeless, miserable, and defeated. I didn’t even think treatment would work for me being I… [ Read more ]

A Testimonial From Kelly

I came to Into Action on May 18th 2012. I was the 33rd client to come there. I wish I could put into words how I felt at that time…lost,… [ Read more ]

A Testimonial From Aimee

Here is my testimonial. I could have gone on and on because I have so much gratitude and love for Into Action but I tried to keep it brief. Besides… [ Read more ]