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Risk-Taking Behavior in Adolescence

Increased risk- taking behaviors are commonly seen in teens and young adults, during their adolescent years. Adolescence is often a time of poor judgement making and increase in risky behaviors… [ Read more ]

Legacy of the Baby Boomers

The NARA Act and the Birth of Modern Treatment Views Generation names, like “Baby Boomers”, “Baby Busters” and “Millennials” are referential names to describe shared characteristics of people born during… [ Read more ]

Coping with Maladaptive Thoughts and Thinking Patterns

Everyone experiences negative thoughts at times, but not everyone knows how to properly cope with them. Some people experience maladaptive thoughts often and, as a result, develop maladaptive coping strategies.… [ Read more ]

Tips for Therapeutic Journal Writing

Keeping a journal can be a hobby, an organizational tool for creative thought; some people even use journal writing to stay on track with new diet and exercise routines. Journal… [ Read more ]

Pet Therapy

A Learning and Healing Experience “The little furry buggers are just deep, deep wells you throw all your emotions into.” -Bruce Schimmel Animals have had a long tradition of providing… [ Read more ]