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A Portrait of Sobriety

Earlier, we explored the commonality between addicts when describing addiction. Likewise, during a group therapy session, addicts were asked to explain sobriety as they see it.  This developed an attractive… [ Read more ]

Which of the 12 Steps is the Most Difficult?

The 12 Steps to Recovery is a well-known way for anyone who has an addiction to get help and regain control of their lives.  Each step builds on the previous… [ Read more ]

Andrey Rossin On Addiction And Recovery

Dealing with Social Drinking During Recovery

When you are a recovering alcoholic, you may find that one of the most difficult aspects of staying on the path to recovery could be dealing with the sheer social… [ Read more ]

A Brief Look At Dr. Bob

The name Robert Holbrook Smith may not ring an immediate bell to those working in the recovery field.  That’s because he’s better known as Dr. Bob, who along with Bill… [ Read more ]