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New Partnership with YPR

We have recently announced a new partnership with Young People in Recovery, to bring the My Recovery is E.P.I.C. program to our facility! Starting in the next 2 months, E.P.I.C.… [ Read more ]

Long Term Drug Use

Long term drug use can cause a myriad of health issues. They greatly affect the brain and how it functions. Your brain is the epi center of everything that your… [ Read more ]

Chronic Relapse Prevention Help

A relapse is when you were doing great, and suddenly, you’re not doing great. That is to say you’ve stopped drinking or doing drugs for a time and then for… [ Read more ]

Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs

Alcoholism is one of the easiest drugs that are available in the world today. Alcohol abuse can be found amongst every age group, every socio economic group and in every… [ Read more ]

Therapeutic Treatment

When it comes to therapeutic treatment, there are many different kinds available. The kind that is selected will be dependent upon the specific issues that a person is struggling with.… [ Read more ]