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Video Recap: Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Script: Hi, I’m Karen Gauchi. I am the Dietician for Into Action. And I wanted to let you know that I do the menus here, I approve the menus. I also… [ Read more ]

Building Lasting Relationships in Recovery

Creating romantic attachments can be difficult for anyone.  It is particularly complicated for someone walking in sobriety. Sometimes, using starts out as a social tool so many recovering addicts simply… [ Read more ]

Video Recap: Drug Addiction and Relationships

Script: Hello, my name is Liz and I am a Certified Recovery Coach. I have been leading small groups in various topics in recovery for 25 years. My specialty is… [ Read more ]

Video Recap: Integrating Spiritual Direction into Recovery

Script: Hello, I’m Jerry Hablitzel. I am a Chaplain and have been allowed to come into “Into Action” to work with clients here to do spiritual direction. And the 12 steps… [ Read more ]

Video Recap: Chiropractic Services

Script: Hi, my name is Dr. Andrew Hope and I’m the Chiropractor here at Into Action. The reason why Into Action offers Chiropractic services for their clients is twofold. Number… [ Read more ]