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Therapeutic Treatment

When it comes to therapeutic treatment, there are many different kinds available. The kind that is selected will be dependent upon the specific issues that a person is struggling with.… [ Read more ]

The Process of Drug Addiction

The process of addiction involves a deep craving for a drug or alcohol that is so intense that nothing else will matter. The person will lose control of their use… [ Read more ]

Respond Don’t React

When dealing with an addict it’s important to learn how to respond and not react to what is going on. As a human your first instinct is often to react.… [ Read more ]

Long Term Effects of Substance Abuse

Regardless of an individual’s social economic situation or well-being, long term effects of drug abuse are going to affect them. From sexually transmitted diseases to heart conditions, drug use affects… [ Read more ]

Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are many types of rehab therapy programs. When considering rehab it is important to consider the type for the specific condition. Most rehab facilities are for substance or alcohol… [ Read more ]