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Anger Management in Florida, Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse often causes addicts to express themselves in ways that are not always healthy. While irritability and raw emotion often are linked with alcoholism and drug abuse, anger and even violence can also occur. Patients who are prone to anger issues will need to find ways to eradicate their rage without causing harm to others. Into Action Treatment takes a holistic approach to the problem. Therapists at the facility will work with individuals to determine the origins of their anger so that the outbursts can be reduced or eliminated. We help clients see the connection between anger and addiction and then develop the tools to manage their anger. 

Anger Management and Addiction

Substance abuse fuels anger in specific ways. Alcohol, in fact, is a depressant. It can induce negative emotions rather quickly. Some patients might resort to kicking, hitting or punching walls and furniture items. In other cases, they may physically or verbally abuse their loved ones. Individuals may also seek revenge on people who they feel have wronged them. Statistics show that alcohol-fueled anger often leads to broken marriages and unhappy children. This can have long-term negative consequences for families. Anger and addiction must be managed together in order for the person to fully recover.

Communicating Anger Productively

Into Action Treatment teaches patients productive techniques that can be used to vent their anger. By committing themselves to yoga and meditation, for instance, individuals will be able to engage in relaxation methods that ultimately will  melt away the anger. Patients also will  be taught to take a step back from a situation before they respond. This way, they can think things through in a rational manner. By avoiding strict black-and-white thinking, patients will eventually realize that there are always exit strategies available that allow them to avoid angry outbursts.

Treating Anger and Substance Abuse at Into Action

In nearly all instances, the therapists at Into Action Treatment will rely on several different therapeutic techniques to help men and women deal with their anger and substance abuse. Both individual and group therapy sessions will give patients the chance to discuss their irritability with others. Yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic services and exercise are great for patients who are looking to eliminate some of their excess energy. With relaxation techniques, nutrition programs, and an eye toward spiritual growth, most individuals will be able to make progress sooner rather than later.

Rebuilding Relationships

Anger is often responsible for strained relationships. When patients learn how to communicate more effectively, then they can rebuild broken relationships. With support and encouragement from family members and friends, patients can control their anger and attain sobriety.

Into action is a drug treatment center located in South Florida. We use a client-focused approach to recovery, and our plans are progress based.

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