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Into Action Drug Addiction Therapy in Florida

Addiction is a complex disease. Individuals suffering with an addiction will experience problems in nearly every area of their lives. Addiction causes financial woes, health issues, and troubled relationships. These areas of an individual’s life must be put back together during recovery.

Many factors lead to addiction. In order to effectively treat an addiction, one must address all of those factors. At Into Action Treatment we use holistic treatment methods in our addiction therapy in order to help the entire individual recover and remain clean and sober.

Many people who try to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction focus only on overcoming the unhealthy acts of drinking or doing drugs. Simply trying to take away the substance abuse without healing the underlying causes of it will usually result in a fast relapse. People cannot begin to heal completely from an addiction disorder until they work through all the other areas of their lives, as well.

Addiction Therapy

Our staff at Into Action Treatment are skilled in many different types of therapies. We use various modalities to reach different individuals, and by combining therapies, we can provide clients with a well-rounded treatment program. We understand that no two individuals are alike, and therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery is often unsuccessful. Our drug treatment center specializes in a variety of addiction therapy types in order to provide clients with the tools they will need to succeed in their sobriety.

Drug Addiction Therapy

The drug addiction therapy programs at Into Action Treatment are designed to address all the areas of a client’s life that are out of focus. All of our programs follow evidence-based therapy methods that offer clients the best options for success. We believe that addiction is a disease and, as with any physical illness, it is necessary to enlist the help of trained professionals who can help heal the illness by providing the right kind of care. Our disease-model therapy means that clients must abstain from their substance for life in order to avoid relapse.

Substance abuse group therapy brings clients together to connect and learn from each other. Our group therapy sessions help individuals become more comfortable around others, teach them to confide in others, and develop a support system for recovery.

Individual therapy is also an important component to recovery. It is during these sessions that clients are able to open up with a therapist and really delve into the heart of the addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for substance abuse helps clients identify causes of negative thought processes that lead to unhealthy behaviors and modify their thinking so they can replace unhealthy behaviors with positive actions.

In addition, our therapists are skilled in the following therapy types:

Our counselors are standing by ready to answer your questions about our drug treatment programs.

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