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Addiction Aftercare & Alumni Program in Florida

In addition to residential addiction treatment, Into Action Treatment Center provides aftercare to patients in recovery. The following describes the basics of addiction aftercare, including its benefits and common methods utilized.

What is Aftercare?

Once residential or outpatient addiction treatment is completed, the patient is expected to return to society, clean, sober and ready for a fresh start. Naturally, these expectations can be overwhelming, even following successful addiction treatment. This can lead to a great amount of fear and anxiety, which, in turn, can lead to relapse with drugs and/or alcohol.

In order to help ease the transition from inpatient care to the real world, Into Action Treatment facilities offer continued therapy and support to individuals in recovery. Designed to prevent relapse and to give recovering patients the resources they need to reenter society, the aftercare methods offered at Into Action Treatment facilities are crucial to sustained sobriety.

The Importance of Addiction Aftercare

As a means of continued support and care, follow-up treatment is essential to a healthy recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. While inpatient treatment provides the patient with the tools necessary to break the ties of addiction, aftercare goes a step further by helping to reduce the risk of relapse with drugs and alcohol. Because relapse rates are unfortunately high, the importance of follow-up treatment cannot be ignored.

What Patients Can Expect

Into Action Treatment’s aftercare techniques include various types of care and support. A few of these methods include the following:


Into Action Treatment offers halfway housing to recovering patients. These sober-living arrangements provide a safe, nurturing environment in which patients can adjust to post-treatment life.

Relapse Prevention Programs

Relapse prevention strategies are programs designed to help the patient identify and avoid relapse triggers, as well as improve self-esteem and overall health in the interest of maintained sobriety.

Individual Psychological Therapy

At Into Action Treatment, we understand the importance of in-depth psychological care. When it comes to aftercare, psychological counseling can give patients much-needed support during this transitional period of recovery.

Group Therapy

Group sessions for aftercare patients can provide significant benefits to recovery. From support and accountability to motivation and inspiration, group therapy greatly reduces the risk of relapse while improving the patient’s psychological health and quality of life.

Various Support & Activities

At Into Action Treatment, we encourage recovering patients to participate in facility-led outings and activities. We also offer support concerning life skills, employment, education and more. Our goal is to provide the patient with the necessary resources to maintain sobriety and enjoy a healthy, productive return to society.

If you are looking for a Florida drug rehab, look no farther than Into Action Treatment.  Our residential and addiction aftercare methods are designed to help patients achieve and maintain sobriety as well as improve all areas of health and wellness.

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