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Acupuncture for Addiction in Florida

Into Action has long been considered one of the premiere Florida drug rehab facilities because it offers its clients the option of using acupuncture as an effective detoxing method for addicts and alcoholics. Our acupuncture for addiction is done under the direction of Into Action’s own doctor of oriental medicine.

Acupuncture originated in China and involves the placement of extremely thin needles into the skin to stimulate the body’s energy centers. Scientific research has proven that this ancient practice can prove very beneficial in helping recovering addicts and alcoholics lose their craving for such unhealthy substances as drugs, liquor, tobacco products and foods that harm rather than heal.

Clients benefit in a number of ways by participating in weekly Into Action treatment sessions using acupuncture. The strategic placement of acupuncture needles at certain points throughout the body helps to strengthen what is known as the body’s “qi” or energy level. This allows clients who have given in to addictive behaviors in the past discover that their need to continue turning to unhealthy substances to overcome a variety of physical and mental problems is greatly diminished. Clients who turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism for the physical and mental pain they experience on a daily basis benefit from acupuncture sessions that can help to eliminate pain and therefore eliminate the need for an addictive behavior to handle painful feelings.

Acupuncture for Addiction 

Acupuncture for addiction provided by Into Action’s highly trained and skillful practitioner helps clients learn how to feel more relaxed, less reactive to stressful situations encountered in daily life, and better able to cope with stressors that normally might induce a client to reach for a drink, a cigarette or a drug vial. Clients who opt for weekly acupuncture treatment at our drug rehab center benefit by feeling much more relaxed, confident, and self-aware after each session. This enables them to gradually eliminate the self-defeating behaviors involved in pursuing addictions.

Acupuncture for Drug Addiction

Many clients experience much improved sleep patterns after they have undergone acupuncture for drug addiction. Insomnia and sleep pattern problems are a major cause of other illnesses and disorders that often push addictive clients into making poor life choices. Acupuncture can help restore a balance of all of the body’s main operating systems in order to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, which in turn influences the kinds of choices clients make when they encounter normally stressful situations throughout their day. Into Action clients not only benefit physically from acupuncture treatments, but also emotionally and mentally. As acupuncture treatments gradually increase the body’s energy and stability, disorder and disease significantly decrease. Each client also enjoys acupuncture sessions that are tailored to their specific needs, with our doctor sometimes combining other alternative therapies, including reflexology, aromatherapy and homeopathy, with acupuncture to gain maximum health benefits for our clients.

Into Action is a drug treatment center that offers client focused treatment. Our programs include:

Dual diagnosis treatment | Medical detox center | Family support groups for drug addiction | Yoga for addiction | Meditation and addiction recovery | Nutrition and addiction recovery | Spirituality and addiction recovery | Anger and addiction recovery | Drug addiction and relationships | Fun things to do sober | Progress based | Life skills training | Chiropractic services | Exercise training

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