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A Portrait of Sobriety

SobrietyEarlier, we explored the commonality between addicts when describing addiction. Likewise, during a group therapy session, addicts were asked to explain sobriety as they see it.  This developed an attractive portrait of sobriety and a realistic goal to reach for.  Having a clear picture of what life can be like when your addiction is managed, will help to see why there is a good reason to continue in your quest for sobriety.  Addiction changes your perception and it lies to you.  If you are having trouble seeing the why in sobriety, you should try imagining what will change. What will improve? This will help you to see the true portrait of sobriety

Managed Cravings

Being in control of those cravings is vital to succeeding in sobriety.  You will always find yourself in situations when your drug of choice will be available and using will be easy. This is the time when you must walk away.  Avoid situations where you will be faced with your addiction and managing the cravings will be easier.  Simply having the choice, being able to make that decision is a great and wonderful accomplishment. Sobriety means that you can say no.  It doesn’t mean that you will never be tempted.  But when those cravings are managed and the decision not to use is yours again. You will experience another benefit.  Your personal manageability will come easier as well. It will take time to go from managing cravings from a fresh addiction to being in control over yourself.  This is where relying on a higher power can ease the burden. When the desire to use is strong, you can lay down your burden and find peace for a little while longer. The twelve step program doesn’t rely on faith alone though.  Group meetings are mandatory and you can have a sponsor as well- someone to call when you feel weak. With this large scape, firmly grounded support system, managing cravings becomes, well… manageable.

Developing New Interests

An interesting thing that addicts look forward to in sobriety is developing new interests.  When using, your drug IS your interest.  It is tied to everything that moves you and everything that defines you.  That there is no life without it is one of the lies addiction will tell you. There is life beyond using.  There are interests to pursue and even the interests that you are passionate about now can be enjoyed and expanded without using.  Go ahead and fill up the time you would have spent locating your drug, using, in withdrawal and in the grips of paranoia because of addiction.  There is a great big world filled with things to occupy you and with the advent of the internet, it’s easier to get to.  It’s even okay if you have no idea what interests you or what kind of hobby you want to pursue.  Trying new things and checking out the possibilities can be a great hobby in and of itself.

Pursing life with Verve

Once your addiction is managed and you have faced and acknowledged the lies addiction tells you.  You will start to see life differently. Suddenly, it will be filled with new and endless possibilities.  Follow your dreams or find new dreams to follow. Become someone who makes a difference and make those differences count. With new interests and healing heart, you can pursue life, whatever life is to you with verve and gusto!

Go out and live again!

Enjoy life!

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