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12-Step Recovery

Into Action drug treatment program utilizes the original format Big Book Step Study (BBSS) approach of Alcoholics Anonymous to stimulate recovery. This approach outlines a detailed and specific method to experiencing a spiritual awakening. It provides clear-cut, precise directions to remove obstacles and to let in the sunlight of the spirit. “Lack of power is our dilemma” has become the sentence of hope for recovering alcoholics since the Big Book was first written in 1939, a book that has helped many alcoholics on their journey to sobriety. The motto “Trust God, Clean House, and Help Others” is indispensable at Into Action. We attend daily BBSS meetings. This exposes our clients to a recovered community who are welcomed as mentors and sponsors. Each client seeks the destination of a spiritual awakening and the ability to help others. A BBSS sponsor is mandated, and the first 30 days of treatment are spent focusing on the task at hand without outside distraction. Addiction is a disease of the mind,  body,  spirit, and  community. It is a fatal malady characterized by craving and mental obsession that cannot be controlled simply by wishing it away. Addiction seeks immediate relief from fear, worry, restlessness, irritability, and discontentment. When relief is experienced through drugs and alcohol, the power of choice stops. Obsession and then compulsion is born. It is toxic and incurable, yet treatable. We do Recover.

12-Step Recovery

The 12-step recovery process, as written in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, is an instructional set of spiritual principles and directions to achieve recovery. Written in 1939, it provides the solution and guidelines to connect with a power greater than oneself and to gather knowledge so that peace and freedom from the bondage of addiction are achieved. Psychic change and spiritual awakening provide a drastic turnaround in one’s thought process, resulting in the removal of obsession and desire for alcohol and drugs. A major shift in one’s thinking and outlook on life occurs, manifesting in an miraculous personality overhaul. Spirituality is a non-religious God-consciousness, a close connection with a power greater than oneself. This relieves self-centeredness and selfishness.

12-Step Recovery Program

Once people do the work outlined in the Big Book and have a psychic change, they are encouraged to become guides/mentors/facilitators to connect the newcomer to the steps of recovery. A sponsor is someone who has experienced the despair of addiction and has recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body. someone who has experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of working the 12-Step recovery program and then guides others in their journey to follow the practical guidelines and instructions as outlined in the Big Book. A protégé (sponsee) is an alcoholic/addict who follows the guidance of his or her sponsor. Recovery (sobriety) is a process of following the sponsor’s guidelines and working the steps out of the Big Book, doing the right thing, living spiritual principles, and actively working on improving oneself. It is a process of healing, of being open and honest with oneself and others. It is a journey of constant self-improvement and being of service to others. It is a daily reprieve from the depths of despair by practicing the spiritual principles of recovery. Relapse is a return to drinking or using. Remission is a temporary improvement in functioning as a result of abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Without further strides toward recovery, remission alone will result in negativity, anger, and the build-up of resentments that lead to relapse. Continuing the 12 steps is part of our relapse prevention program.  A spiritual experience occurs when both the mind and heart experience breakthroughs that lead to gaining a clearer communication with a Higher Power of personal understanding. This occurs quickly or slowly, but is always accompanied by a change of perception and behavior. Practicing the spiritual principles of Steps 10, 11, and 12 is a continual process of bringing the gifts of recovery to others. Trust God, Clean House, and Help Others is the recipe for living a successful, happy, and free life. Awareness is an enhanced perception of surroundings, experiencing reality instead of fantasy, and attentiveness to others. It is a process of deleting assumptions, judgments, and ego, providing a clear path for continued self-growth and actualization. Into Action provides help throughout the recovery process through our different programs:

Drug intervention program | Residential treatment program | Partial hospitalization program | Intensive outpatient program | Outpatient drug treatment | Smoking cessation program | Addiction aftercare

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